The news of having cancer when broken to a patient is believed to make the person half dead just receiving the news. Cancer is not just a physical entity but has a holistic affect challenging the psychological, mental, social and spiritual background of patient as well as the family, hence justifying the concept that cancer not only involves one person but it affects the whole family.


The impact of this condition is so great that it easily affects the logical thinking process of the family. The lack of proper information/informants at such an hour leaves them even more wandering and confused. The simplest of things and information which are so easily overlooked, matters to a great deal at such times.
We believe any support that can be extended to the needy should be provided by every individual and institution on moral grounds. We have had the privilege to come in contact with many such individuals and institution that are doing their part. However, we have also realized that due to the lack of proper knowledge these are out of the reach of many who may benefit from them.


We firmly believe that ‘Nobody can do everything, but everyone together can do something.’ Also the wish to receive and give more should first justify the utilization of already available resources which are being wasted for the lack of proper channel for these to reach the needy at proper time in appropriate manner. Richa Foundation (RBMF) appeal to all concerned to support and join us in our endeavor to bridge and narrow this gap and bring light to those at dark.






To help cancer patient and their family choose the proper direction– “The Way Ahead”



1 Develop a cancer Support Club Network.
2 Provide authentic information from concerned individuals and institutions.
3 Provide all possible support to the cancer patient and families.
4 Help maintain a positive attitude