The concept of Prevention is Better than Cure emphasizes the importance of developing healthy habits, which we believe is inculcated during our childhood. A vision of self realization and awareness should be a continuous process has evolved as a Elixir Club. 

Elixir, an imaginary potion containing cure for all ills, is a club of young, energetic individuals with a common understanding for health promotion and spreading cancer awareness. The knowledge received by these fresh minds spread the same to their friends, families and at large communities. We intend to open such clubs under our supervision in various schools, colleges and other institutions for a wider network and reach.

We have successfully established the first unit of Elixir club at Ideal Model School, Dhobighat, Lalitpur. In the successive years, we expanded it to Occidental Public school, Anamnagar, Chetna Vidhya ashram, Lubhu, Grand Academy, Satdobato, Samata Sikshya Niketan, Satdobato, VS Niketan, Minbhawan, Cambridge Public High School, Purano Baneswor and SOS Herman Gmeiner HSS, Sanothimi. Currently, Elixir Club is running successfully in Ideal Model School and Occidental Public School.