Richa Bajimaya Memorial Foundation is a Non Profit Organization established in the year 2007 as a tribute to Late Ms. Richa Bajimaya born on 28th October 1984, who left us all with a heavy heart on 25th March 2007, fighting till the very end with cancer (Ewing’s Sarcoma – cancer found in bone or soft tissues like tendons, ligaments etc.). Since the time of establishment, the foundation has been working in the field of cancer and its periphery

Primarily we wish to develop positive attitude towards cancer and cancer patients. To create a society who understands that cancer is a disease and not a curse. To see cancer as a manageable and preventable condition provided you yourself are committed to strive for it. We envision a society who sees cancer patients not as a subject of pity but admires them for the courage that they along with their family together show. The foundation has taken its time to devote its effort to understand the present situation so as to find its place for proper involvement, paving its way to meet its vision.