PAP smear and Breast examination program conducted by the foundation targeting the ladies residing in camp HOPE( the residents of Sindhupalchowk who are seeking refuge after the earthquake destroyed their village Duguna Yarmasing. A total of 30 ladies were screened. 
The event included cancer awareness talk by Dr. Deepak S. Shrestha(M.D. Internal Medicine), Cervical Cancer Awareness by Dr. Upasana Maskey( final year resident OB/GYN) and Breast cancer awareness including breast self examination techniques by Ms. Samikshya Neupane(BSc. Nursing).

This was followed by pap smear examination and breast examination by the medical team.

Special Mention to Mr. Walter Wood, Australia for his generous financial support for this program, our volunteers and all associated.

Program Team:

Dr. Deepak Sundar Shrestha
Dr. Dipesh Tamrakar 
Ms.Sajani Manandhar
Ms Samikshya Neupane
Dr.Upasna Maskey
Dr Sona Duwal
Dr. Karuna Bajracharya
Ms. Phurba Sherpa
Volunteers: Ms. Shrooti Rimal and Ms.Suyasha Pradhananga.



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