Richa Foundation and Spur engineering are working hands in hands with support from Bridge the Gap Nepal and Shrestha Welfare Society.

We are working in ward no. 7 and 8 of Manamaijju Municipality. Health camp was conducted at the area with the support of People’s Medical College (proposed). Total of 269 earthquake victims benefitted from the health camp. Most of them received follow up dressing. Around 50 of them were having loose motion of which 10 of them were under 5 children. We also installed water filtration plant as they were drinking water directly from underground source. Most of the old houses have collapsed including few new houses which are now not suitable for living. In total 116 houses have been destroyed by this massive disaster. People are forced to live in tents in their farms. With the rising concerns about their hygiene and sanitation, we constructed 2 water seal latrine for 4 families (22 members) living together. It was constructed using local resources (bamboo, galvanized tin sheets) and from the help of local people. We have a plan to construct around 10 more latrines which will benefit around 100-150 people. Furthermore, Spur Engineering also conducted Rapid visual assessment of the buildings including schools in the area. They also provided their expert opinions on how to restore and rebuild their structures.