Day-5- “the survivors from Duguna Yarmasing”. We were very glad today to work in partnership with Rose Foundation Nepal, the International Medical Relief and so many volunteers and social enthusiasts. Great enthusiasm from all everyone concerned. A comprehensive health survey, with expert consultation, minor surgical and dental procedures, health and sanitation counselling, psychological screening, prompt referrals and so much more was done today. Thanks to the superb coordination from SCC and help flowing in from so many sources special mention goes to Dwarikas Hotel. Now the camp is much more organised. After the camp we were surprisingly felicitated by the local community. We humbly said there was really no need for it and asked them to please don’t do it from now on. But the reply we got back was something that imprinted in our heart. Mr. Dawa Sherpa, one of the locals who is one of the main figure heads for bringing this community together said – ” Doctor, what we did was from our heart just as what you all have done – right from the heart”. Left us speechless and a little emotional. We can only say thank you to everyone. Stay srong – “United with HOPE”