People who fled from Duguna Yarmasing, Sindhupalchowk have been temporarily settled at Bauddha. Around 320 people are living together in 17 tents. Twenty-seven of them are of the age group 5 years and below. Among them, 7 are infants ranging from age 1 month to 11 months.

Living in temporary settlement, miles away from their village is not an easy life for them, making the children population even more vulnerable. They escaped with literally nothing when their village was swept away by flood triggered by second earthquake.

Richa Foundation was involved in conducting health assessments of the people in the camp from day one. The need of the children was identified during our continuous health assessments when we found most of the children had mosquito bites, rashes and nappy rash.

They were fortunate enough to receive support from friends of Nepal from UK. The donation came through Ms. Deepa Bajracharya from Pediatric Rehabilitation Nepal (PRN), a group of people working to care for children with disabilities. Richa Foundation was able to provide the children with mosquito nets, diapers, baby powder, shampoo, soap and lotion.
The families have also been taught about the general health and sanitary measures. “United With HOPE”