The displaced people from langtang have been displaced from their homes after the earthquakes and the avalanches that followed. Many lost their loved ones, family and friends. News of their loved ones bodies now being discovered keep flowing in the camp. Its a new place, different environment that they are facing. 488 people from langtang now seek refuge at the yellow ghumba in kathmandu, fighting all odds and still managing to smile.

We were glad to offer a soothing lotion on to their wounds taking a general and dental camp. The people are timid and don’t express themselves readily . We can only imagine the toll of time on them but we do what we can. It was a very nice feeling to be with these wonderful people. And finally after the camp, it was a rejoice to see the children enjoying dance organized by fellow friends from another institution who did a great job in keeping these young minds fresh and theirs alive. So many people and institutions offering to collaborate and help for a common cause. As we say UNITED WITH HOPE.

We would like to thank Peoples dental college and hospital, BTGN, SWS & all the volunteers who made today possible. Let us continue to do what we can where it matters. Best wishes to these lovely souls.